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Day 54 – Gualala Land

This morning was a very cold start. I put another couple of layers on and even pulled out my full-fingered gloves and ear warmers. Never thought I’d be doing that on the California coast. John and I were the last out of the campground and rode together for a couple of miles (including a hard climb out of the park, a precursor for the rest of the days) until I turned off to grab some coffee and WiFi.

The ride today was an up and down fest. While the climbs themselves only ranged from sea level to 250 feet, there were 7 that were at least a mile long and many more that were smaller. The worst one was a 10% average grade with some 12 and 13% sections. Even young folks hated that one.

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Day 53 – On the 1

Last one out of the gate today, but that was okay cuz I was behind John in case he had any problems with his wheel.

I left the 101 that I had been basically following since Astoria, and turned right onto California 1. The first climb was hard; a thousand feet over 4 mi, but that was followed by a second climb about half that, and then a lot of rolling hills down the 1 to Ft Bragg. By the time I got the Fort Bragg I was pretty tired.

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Day 52 – Up!

Monday, September 27. Today’s ride ended up in Stafford Hinckley State Park after another beautiful ride to complete the Avenue of the Giants. Parts of 101 that we were on after the avenue of the Giants was also a reprise of those ginormous trees.

It was nice to have an early start and pack up dry. Can’t say there was any great scenery today and I just noticed that I didn’t take any scenery pictures today. I did stop in Garberville to do laundry, have some lunch, and buy dinner and some food for the next couple days.

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Day 51 – Avenue of the Giants

Tired start today as I set up my tent under a tree, and while it wasn’t raining, there was a thick fog and the drips from the leaves onto the tent were in no regular pattern. That kept waking me up even after putting my earplugs in. That fog made everything wet, probably even wetter than when we were rained on.

The group started out minus John who was still packing, and we stopped at a very disappointing Walmart to try to rustle lunch and dinner since we didn’t have very many options coming up. I was able to get a phone holder though to replace mine that broke yesterday. John caught up to us at the Walmart and we all started out together, but as usual quickly broke up into different speed groups. It was a damp ride, but The sun finally came out around 12:40 p.m. and the day brightened significantly.

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Day 50 — Darius

Sunday, September 25. As I mentioned in the last post, I hung around the campground to let the tent and fly in my towel and other things dry off before packing. While waiting, I saw Darius, who I had met shortly the evening before, taking off down the path and wished him well.

This was the first day we had sun at the campground early in the day and I wanted to take advantage of it. After everything was dry and packed I hit the road.

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Day 49 – Back to CA

Today started with the bad news that Luke was going to take a rest day cuz his knee was hurting him, but he would ride with us to California border and get photos. We did that and said some sad goodbyes. I gave Luke some of the biofreeze that Lisa O’Hara had given me for the trip, and the four of us remaining continued on the trip to the Redwoods.

The first 20 mi were almost flat, and I rode with John and Harald and we stopped in Crescent City for some supplies and a new air mattress for John. Harald and I were also looking for folding camp chairs as we are envious of the other’s setups, but two stores we tried didn’t have anything light enough, and there are no REIs around here, so that will have to wait.

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Days 45 & 46 – Continued Beautiful (& Wet)

Day 45, the route was completely on the 101, and after Yachats, mostly inland. The pics from Bray Point were the last ocean scenes of the day. Passing through Yachats, I saw two men sitting outside a restaurant and stopped and asked, “Can I get coffee in here?” “You sure can,” said Bob, the owner of the restaurant who went and got me a cup of coffee “on the house” (and a refill, too!). I sat talking to him and his partner, Dale while enjoying the java, told them about my trip, and hearing Bob’s stories of fishing up and down the Oregon and California coasts. One of those chance meetings that are so interesting.

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Day 44 – Whales!

Don’t remember where I left off, but I do have some name and other corrections. Nick is actually Luke and he hails from Northern England, near the Scottish border. “The German Guy” is Harald, but when I asked him his name, he said his middle name was Nicholas and that it was easier to pronounce and remember. Probably where I got the “Nick.”

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