Day 45, the route was completely on the 101, and after Yachats, mostly inland. The pics from Bray Point were the last ocean scenes of the day. Passing through Yachats, I saw two men sitting outside a restaurant and stopped and asked, “Can I get coffee in here?” “You sure can,” said Bob, the owner of the restaurant who went and got me a cup of coffee “on the house” (and a refill, too!). I sat talking to him and his partner, Dale while enjoying the java, told them about my trip, and hearing Bob’s stories of fishing up and down the Oregon and California coasts. One of those chance meetings that are so interesting.

I ended at the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park. It was at the end of a big climb up US 101 and then I had to ride down to the campground. It was sprinkling enough to make everything wet, a common condition in Fall in Oregon, but rare on this trip so far. The group was joined that night by Tony, a cyclist I had passed a day ago going into Beachside, and passed again today. The only reason I passed him was that Tony’s doing it the hard way — an old Schwinn World Traveler NOT fitted for touring — standard road gearing and no braze-ons for racks. He had a rack on the back and was carrying everything there. I would not be able to handle that load on that bike.

Day 46 was mostly a wash. Very foggy in the morning and everything was wet well into the afternoon. Very few pics from this day, just the entrance to North Bend (a neon sign) and the group at Bullard’s Beach campground — joined by Brian who went to Penn State and is circumnavigating both Canada and the US by bike. Tony was visiting relatives in Bandon and we may connect with him on Day 47.