This is a copy of the Facebook post I made to announce my tour,

Kona Rove DL set up for touring

I recently got a sweet new ride: a Kona Rove DL (see the naming contest below!) customized by Freeze Thaw Cycles! As many of you know, I crossed the country by bicycle in 2005. I’m retiring in August and hitting the roads west to CA, then down the Pacific Coast, and back through the Southern states. Mixing in Amtrak where there are gaps to be jumped (late start and all) and weather or wildfires to be avoided. I’m trying to hit all the CONUS states I haven’t ridden in yet. In the pic, grey states are done, orange are on the way west, and green the southerly return. Very approximate route is in red.

Approximate Route. I’ve already ridden in the gray states. Orange states will be added on the way out, and Green states will be added on the way back.

How long? I dunno. A good, long, retiree’s while? As opposed to my 2005 trip when I had a deadline to get back to work, I’m much more free this time, and even better, I’m making my own rules which pretty much means there aren’t any rules.

Dana is starting with me for a couple of weeks and we’ll be leaving from Morgantown, WV, bypassing the PA & MD hills (no rules, remember?!).

On the 2005 trip, I rode another Kona, Jake the Snake and pulled a BoB trailer. In the blog for that ride, I used “Jake” and “Bob” as personifications of my two riding “partners.”

The Rove doesn’t have it’s own moniker yet. Any suggestions? A beer or two or bottle of wine to the best idea (“RoveR” is already nixed).

The adventure begins Aug 7.

Comments from the Facebook post:

Helen Dempsey

WOW!!! Will you have stories to tell when you return, or what? I’m taking this naming thing as a personal challenge and am starting out slow with Rito’s Rove

Sharon Frazier

Sounds awesome, I’m looking forward to follow along virtually! No Rules Rove NRR or Rito Rove Rules RRR

Paul Rito

Sharon Frazier RRR or GRRR or ERRR Hmmm. Might be useful at times!

Hugh Mose

Wow oh wow oh wow!

Daniel Kloss

Thats amazing! Beautiful bike! Ive been eyeing up the Roves.

I’ve got a spare room in VA if you’re feeling crazy enough to come this close to DC.

Paul Triolo

This sounds greeeaaaaat!

Eric Hanlon

Always a place for you in MN.

Hannah Hanlon

Eric Hanlon Paul I suppose I’ve got a room in San Jose if you need! Even though when I last saw you in ‘05 I was an 8 year old, a friend of dad’s is a friend of mine. 😁 I always have wine.

Carla J. Mulford

So impressed, Paul! I’ve told many friends about you!

Leslie McGovern

Hit me up if northern WY is on your list! Here til 9/12/22 and then I’m moving to Bozeman, MT.

Paul Rito

Leslie McGovern Awww. Not this time — gotta get my butt over the Rockies before the snow flies! Bozeman! Wow. Sounds like another great adventure.

Lisa Wandel

Sounds wonderful Paul! I’ll be riding Southern Tier (west to east) starting end of Sept. I’ll keep an eye on your posts to see when you start it. Maybe there will be an overlap😊

Paul Rito

Lisa Wandel Hi Lisa, Sounds like you’ll be bit ahead of me, but who knows?

Mary Bruce McKenzie Serene

Wow Paul. I look forward to hearing your stories! Ride well and may all the wind you encounter be tailwind!

John Richers

Paul: you must stay with us in Fresno or we will meet you on Rt 1. John R.

Paul Rito

John Richers That’d be great, John. I will definitely get there. I’m gonna miss the 50th, so we can have our own BG reunion!

Raymond Gephart


Ned Balzer

Karl? Or don’t you want to be astride him? Anyway, sounds challenging and wonderful!

Paul Rito

Ned Balzer Hmmm. Interesting. I do think of it as a him, and a brother to Jake!

Ron Saluga

Great way to start out your retirement! Wishing you a great and memorable trip. 😎🍻

Helen Dempsey

Suggestion # 2. Blue Bolt.

Helen Dempsey

Or Blue Bullet. Killer Kona. Blue Panther.

Helen Dempsey

Here’s my favorite _ Mercury (the god of speed!!)

Paul Rito

Helen Dempsey You have the most entries so far! 😃 Who’s the god of old and slow?

Helen Dempsey

Paul Rito once I start I can’t stop. 😱😱 There’s always Geras (get it??) the god of old age, but I see you more like mercury

  • Haha

John Richers


Michael Black

Wow! Sounds fantastic

Joann Rito Kasun

Since you have made inanimate objects your travel buddies, how about Wilson?

Paul Rito

Joann Rito Kasun Hopefully without the red stuff! 😉

Eric Nord

If your route takes you near St Louis, hit me up for a place to stay. I’m 50 miles east of STL

Paul Rito

Eric Nord Thanks, Eric! My sister lives in St. Charles and we’ll be stopping there, but since you’re that far east, that may work for the day before we get to St. C. Current plan has us coming through Okawville and Belleville, but that can easily be adjust. Would be great to see you. It’s been 7 years since we ran into you on RT 1 in Maine!

Eric Nord

Paul Rito – that would be cool!d

Tristan Avenbaum

Nice! Looks like the approximate route will miss us near Vernal, UT, but if it changes to pass closer, maybe I could snag some miles with you! Have fun!

Paul Rito

Tristan Avenbaum Yeah, that’s a bit farther north than I’m currently planning, but if I swing up toward SLC, I’ll send you a note.

Anna Marie Nachman

Have fun, be safe!

Paul Rito

Anna Marie Nachman Thanks! I’m probably trading Gypsy Moths for snakes and scorpions! I saw your post about the destruction and we’ve been running over the critters (or their poo) for weeks now. Pretty widespread damage. Wonder when the state will step in to start spraying?

Anna Marie Nachman

Paul Rito eeeew!! That’s what I’d like to know! We are now called Oak Mountain Eatenaway! 😭

Mar Dayne

This looks like a great trip!