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Day 48 – Just a bunch of rocks*

Today (Friday, September 23) was a relatively short day in riding miles, and I focused on getting to the next campsite at Harris Beach, getting set up early and heading into Brookings for some coffee and groceries. I passed 2,000 miles on the tour today, too.

I was certainly picturesqued-out, and didn’t stop to take any more seashore pictures or rock pictures, though I did stop and take a picture of a giant milkweed-like plant and another wonderous sunset at the camp.

Still camping with the four touring friends I met the first night in Nehalem. Tomorrow it’s a 8 Mile ride to the California border and then some tough climbs to get through our next campground at Elk Prairie.

* – Inside joke my children and Mary will get!


  1. Sarah Rito


    • Paul

      I forgot to add the asterisk explanation, but you got it anyway! (and I did an update)

      • Sarah Rito


  2. roy

    Hi Paul
    Just wanted you to know I’ve really enjoyed your trip updates. I’ve been following since day one!

    • parkrat

      Thanks, Roy. Good to hear from you!

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