Last one out of the gate today, but that was okay cuz I was behind John in case he had any problems with his wheel.

I left the 101 that I had been basically following since Astoria, and turned right onto California 1. The first climb was hard; a thousand feet over 4 mi, but that was followed by a second climb about half that, and then a lot of rolling hills down the 1 to Ft Bragg. By the time I got the Fort Bragg I was pretty tired.

John had found a shop and was getting his wheel repaired. I went to the same shop with the intent of getting some spare spokes, but the owner talked to me into another fiber spoke as the easiest way to make a quick repair without any heavy tools. I really do need to learn how to build a wheel someday. As I had my wheels off for him to check for spokes, I found my front wheel was catching and needed serviced so I just had him do that. While waiting I changed my brake pads, a first for me with disc brakes. Didn’t quite work until he gave me a quick tip on how to open the gap. Simple once you know how, and I’ll be able to stop again. It was getting dicey on the descents today as I had maxed out the easy adjustments.

Anyway, all that aside, the California coast It’s very different from the Oregon coast but beautiful in its own way. I’m in fort Bragg at the moment and still on my way to the campground but I thought I’d post this while I had the chance.