Monday, September 27. Today’s ride ended up in Stafford Hinckley State Park after another beautiful ride to complete the Avenue of the Giants. Parts of 101 that we were on after the avenue of the Giants was also a reprise of those ginormous trees.

It was nice to have an early start and pack up dry. Can’t say there was any great scenery today and I just noticed that I didn’t take any scenery pictures today. I did stop in Garberville to do laundry, have some lunch, and buy dinner and some food for the next couple days.

John had a broken spoke today, and back at the camp we were trying to true his wheel enough so he could keep going, but one of the spokes nipples was frozen and we didn’t really have the right tools to take care of that problem. Fortunately I had something called fiber spoke which is a Kevlar temporary spoke replacement. We put that on and it didn’t make much difference in the wobble but it will add a little strength and hopefully get him to Fort Bragg where he can get the wheel taken care of. We all paid a visit to The Peg House, where you “Never Don’t Stop!” It’s so called because the wood beams are held together with pegs. Sometimes the answer is so simple. (And they have free Wi-Fi).

Headed to Russia Gulch tomorrow after an even bigger climb up 2000′. Should be in San Francisco on Sunday and Aaron will be meeting me there for a few days.