The start from Bandon Beach was in sunshine and I hung some of my wet things on the rear rack. I stopped for breakfast in Bandon and had a filling meal to say the least. Blueberry Pancakes the size of the plate. The bacon was just a garnish.

On the way to the next campsite at Humbug Mtn, ride with GPS was telling me to take a turn left in the middle of the highway, right after the sign announcing I was at the border of the Humbug Mountain State Park. I turned and climbed a steep little hill, and then the road was blocked by a gate. I looked past the gate and it seemed to be gravel so I started to turn around when one of those road angels in a car said you can go through there. I asked if it was paved or gravel and he said paved. A little steep in places, but paved, and it will take you right to the campground. Turns out it was the abandoned 101 highway, it had great views and welcome canopy, and it was paved 98%. There were a couple of sketchy sections of gravel but I got past them fine. The views were worth the climbing which even then was still only about 5%.

That evening, John organized a grilling fest and brought sausages, veggie hot dogs, buns, corn, asparagus, eggs, and peppers. We feasted on the food, and we all had some kind of libations to toast with. It was a great time and a great surprise.

One more stop before California, and I’m closing in on 2000 miles on this trip.