The forecast was for steady rain all day, but by the time we headed out from Eugénie’s and Christian’s place, the rain was just a drizzle. We actually saw the sun peek out once, but not for very long. We made it to our hostel in Levis in about 2 hours, but were way early for check-in. The hostel did let us leave our panniers though and John went off to find lunch and I went shopping for a couple loose ends.

The rest of the day was pretty non-descript, save a walk here and there, a good nap, and dinner at Pub Azul which is just down the street from the hostel. Also, John has been contacting warm shower hosts around the peninsula and has a few lined up. We’ll be trying to do 40 miles to Montmagny tomorrow. Most likely a rainy ride and most likely a motel. The next stop will be La Pocatiere, another 40 miles past Montmagny. We’d hope to be doing 50-60 a day, but the rain… ya know. A dearth of pics today, but it was pretty gray out there. The vagaries of touring: sometimes it rains!

The Emond children heading back to shore after their swim