Short post mid-day 7 because I didn’t have any wifi service last night.

Hostel stay was great. It rained hard all night and we slept in till almost 8:00. We had breakfast at the hostel and started the day off @ 9 am with just a misty fog which developed into a somewhat steady rain.

We were wet for for 30 mi, but then the sun came out and dried us off. Original goal for the day was to get to 40 miles to Montmagny. We had a great IGA lunch (poke bowl for John and potato salad and chicken salad sandwich for me) and as the sun was shining we decided to ride on to La Pocetiere where John had a warm showers host set up.

Got the extra 44 miles in to Joe’s by 5 pm and had our first poutine at a local bar. It is the ultimate touring cyclist meal: fries, cheese, and gravy and meat if you want it. I had the Thai version and John had the filet mignon version. We did not go hungry!

I’ll update this post when I get Wi-Fi and add some pics. The St Lawrence is getting wider and wider as we go and was very muddy today and all the rain.

Update at 5:30 pm of Day 7 at our next Warm Showers host: not much to add to the above but that we ventured to a local park and caught the last song of a couple playing a free blues concert in the park. We were actually a bit chilled as we hadn’t showered or changed yet, so we headed back to Joe’s, cleaned up, and got a good night’s sleep.