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GP Day 29 — Surrender!

I gave in to prudence (and getting connected with some health insurance) and am boarding a train this evening to go to Montreal. Though I asked him to carry on, John is coming along, and I’m grateful for that change in his plans. He had designs on a rail trail north of Montreal and would have ended up there anyway. He flies out the 16th for Switzerland to continue touring, ending up with a sailing trip in Greece. I am hoping to be able to ride back home. I’m also hoping to get a followup tomorrow in Montreal and get a firm diagnosis. Orbital cellulitis is suspected, but the ER visit did stave off the worst symptoms of that. I can still see fine today and some of the swelling has lessened.

So, stay tuned for updates from Montreal tomorrow or Saturday. I have a Warm Showers outside of Montreal, and my friend Doris W. has arranged for lodging for me in Potsdam NY, her hometown. It’s a short drive from the border and her friend Jim has offered to pick me up in Massena after I cross over at Cornwall, ON. There are angels everywhere and I owe a debt to more than a few on this trip.

12.4 miles from Lino’s to the Jonquière train station, 751 ft of climbing.


  1. Joann

    Hope you are feeling better! Hang in there big brother!

    • Paul Rito

      I’m a hanging. Improving slowly.

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