Oh, that title is so bad! Maybe I’ll fix it, maybe I won’t. 40.3 mi, 1899 ft of climbing.

I made good use of my motel room this morning and fixed the slow leaking F-L-A-T I got Friday on the way from Richland. Glass. Errr. But fixed now and should be good for a while.

I rode from Weedsport to Auburn and then to Groton via NY Rt 38 which follows the shore of Owasco Lake. Beautiful ride, but I was still feeling fatigued and it was some slow going.

Stephen, Shana, Noble, & Truth are my hosts tonight. I’m their first Warm Showers guest! Wonderful spot on Main St on Groton, backing an old railroad and an extensive yard and garden. Stephen is a chef at Cornell and Shana is a middle school teacher. They’ve both toured extensively and their kids have both accompanied them, most recently on the Erie Canal — they did not have the best experience as it was wet and muddy, but their 11 year has done multiple 60+ days. Future tourer.

They actually sealed their bond in their early 20s on a cross-country tour from New Orleans to San Diego, and then up the coast to San Francisco. Fun stories of a first tour experience and the connection that formed from it.

For dinner, Steve made pasta primavera with brocoli and fresh vegetables (yellow squash, zucchini, and eggplant) from their garden. I went to bed early at 8:30 and got a very restful and quiet sleep.