Things were a little wet from the overnight rain, but not too bad. A good shaking and packed up mostly dry. We initially headed for McD’s, but their lobby didn’t open until 11, so we returned to Theo’s and it was open. Though we had another server who did speak some English, the woman who served us the night before came out of the kitchen with an apron on. I asked if she had ever left, and she replied “I am the owner. I’m here to close and here to open.” And to cook, obviously. She wished us well on our trip and we had a hearty breakfast and headed out.

Today’s ride was 75 miles and about the same amount of elevation as yesterday. We both were pretty tired by the end of the day when we ended up at Christian and Eugénie house in St. Antoine de Tilly, with their 3 kids, Clemenc, Antoine, and Samuelle, and dog Sonny. When we got here they were hauling their kayaks from the river back to the house. They made room for us in their house and space in the garage for the bikes and we’re about to go down for the night.

I walked out to the St. Lawrence at low tide while the children went swimming. A marshy, muddy shoreline with grass which eventually turns to rock. My feet are a little beat up from both the 300 miles of cycling in 4 days and those rocks!

Yep, 291 miles in 4 days (fully loaded with 85 lbs of bike and gear for me), and 4905 feet of climbing. Not bad for two old farts. However, we’re going to back off the long days for a while, especially since we’re beat and the forecast is rain. Rain for the next three days. Rain for the next three weeks. Hoping the weather people are wrong like they were today.