The day John and I are parting ways. We had a great month together and I am sad to see it end so abruptly, but we are where we would have been a week hence anyway. Didn’t make it easier.

Jean Luc offered me a ride to the border and rather than tackling a 60 mile ride, I took him up on that. He dropped me at the Walmart where I spent my last 12.15$ CD on salad mixes and a couple candy bars. I would add a chocolate bar and ask the checkout girl what the total was. I had 10 cents left as I headed for the border.

The border was backed up due to malfunctioning gates and I was going to be little late, and I saw Vlasta called so I called her back, and we set up a new meeting point and eventually got the bike and bags and me in the car and headed for Potsdam.

Jim and Vlasta took me to lunch at Maxfields and showed me the biggest Ace hardware store I’ve ever seen. Reminded me a lot of O. W. Houts in State College. Back at the house, I help them haul treasures from the basement to a dump truck. It feels good when I can do something to earn at least part of my keep.