Another “day off,” though I did ride into Potsdam in the morning to look around and get a better feel for the town. Most of the downtown storefronts are occupied with cool little shops — and it was refreshing to see that vs. the boarded up main streets of other small cities. I returned around noon, just before the rain hit. So nice to be somewhere dry and safe.

My eye/face is progressing and healing. I’m planning on riding tomorrow and trying my contacts for the first time in a week and a half.

Vlasta and Jim have been great hosts seeing that my only connection to them was through my friend Doris (Vlasta is her sister) who arranged my stay here. Still having some pain from the Shingles, so it’s also nice to rest up. Today, Jim was having his water heater replaced, and I even got to stretch my remodeling chops and consulted with the installers about the best way to move things around in the box to get a slot for the new heater. Jim’s dad was a car dealer and antique car buff and there was a 1952 Buick Skylark service manual. I had to read it, especially the electrical controls section. The current, voltage, and charging regulator was an analog “computer” made up of three relays and potentiometers. Fascinated by the engineering, especially knowing a modern regulator is about the size of one of the relays in that box. Another nice dinner and I was off to bed to prep for my ride to Watertown tomorrow.