A little late getting caught up, but I’ll get there in the next day or so. For good reasons, too: Well cared for and recovering in Potsdam.

25.6 miles, 651 ft of climbing (most of that was on a spiral cycle path over a bridge.

Both Lilie and Vincent left Saturday morning and left the apartment to us, again not an unusual experience in the Warm Showers network. Saturday was my Opthalmologist appointment I described earlier. That evening, John and I roamed the Verdun pedestrian mall and decided to eat Korean at Moa Moa (Moe-Moe). Great meal, and great sleep.

Today, Sunday, I walked around the mall some more as the ride is a flat 25 miles to our next hosts and we weren’t in a big hurry.

The ride to Jean Luc’s and Marjolaine’s was thankfully easy and mostly flat. There we had a very warm welcome from two touring cyclists who have traveled many miles and knew just what we needed. Beer was offered and shared, and a good shower, followed by an evening of stimulating conversations, a delicious chicken-veggie shish-kabob, and a warm, dry bed.

Jean Luc’s and Marjolaine’s house is located on a cul-de-sac and is right on the Vaudreuil Bay. Beautiful spot and such a nice way to end my restart.