Well, other than it being my grandchild Luka’s 16th birthday, and the weather being great and the ride being great and having a reprise at our Warm Showers host in Saguenay, the rest of the day? Not so much. I spent the day and evening after arriving going to a drugstore, three closed clinics, an optometrist (“We don’t do complicated”), and finally the hospital ER. Humble pied by not looking into travel and health insurance before I left, I got a whopping big surprise $ wise, but I did get treated and got an IV antibiotic to start me getting rid of this infection, and a prescription for oral antibiotics.

I will save you the grisly pics of my face right now, but there is a resemblance to Lon Cheny in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” The infection continued to spread today and even from a pic I took at 3 until I finally saw a doc at 8, it had grown considerably. They wanted to do a CT scan but I said, no, let’s just do the antibiotics for now (or it would have been half again as much). I promised to have it checked out when I get back to the US if things don’t return to normal. I’m pretty confident it will be OK.

I’m fine, just temporarily disfigured. I can actually see fine and got a lot of reading of “The Overstory” done while I was in the waiting room. Maybe more on the ER experience later, or maybe that will have to be over a beer when I get back.

Unless something drastically changes, 40-60 miles tomorrow on our way to St. Simeon to catch the ferry back across the St. Lawrence on Thursday.

No pics today, but it was as beautiful as ever. Crossed 1,500 miles today!