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GP Day 26

Short note today and no pics since I can’t get to WiFi on my phone. Will update tomorrow.

Albanel to Parc National de Pointe Taillon

48 miles, 558 ft of climbing. Started off with a clear sky and sun, but chilly at 51 degrees. Easy ride today included a short, pontoon boat ferry ride to the national park. We’re camping tonight and it promises to be a chilly one.

I woke up with conjunctivitis in my left eye. I know this because it happened a few months ago. Fortunately, pharmacists in Quebec can dispense antibiotics for a number of ailments and this is one of them. I can’t wear my contacts for a few days so I’ve been riding without. One of the benefits of aging is that my distance vision is getting better so I can do without contacts or glasses and be fine. Tomorrow it’s back to Saguenay after completing the circle around St. Jean’s Lake.

Update Aug 1, 10:49. Another short one, but I did add the pics from yesterday. Quick synopsis: Great, flat ride, beautiful day, ferry ride, blueberry picking, squirrel gnawing through my pannier strap (I caught him (or her) putting his nose into the bag and whacked him with a box of granola bars — he jumped onto the tree at my face level and was challenging me, like, “Hey, that’s mine!” I dug out my sewing kit and put the strap on enough so that I can still make the bag watertight. Damned squirrel!). Ok, continuing with the synopsis: made camp on a sandy beach, went to bed, rained thrice, slept long enough for the tents to be dry packed in the a.m.

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  1. Sarah Rito

    Boo for the return conjunctivitis, but hooray for rational and accessible healthcare!

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