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GP Day 28 — Parked!

0 miles, 0 ft of climbing. Errrr.

Well, prudence won out over the desire to press on. It’s a beautiful day here in Chicoutimi* and I’m writing this on Lino’s backyard porch after enjoying a handful of raspberries and gooseberries fresh from the bushes. Lino offered for us to stay here “as long as you need to.” He even drove me to the less-than-a-mile-away pharmacy today to pick up my prescriptions. Jean Coutu is the Quebecois equivalent of CVS and the people in the two I’ve been to have been very helpful and patient. The pharmacists and clerks spoke English and provided me with a walk-through of the meds; amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium orally and topical erythromycin for my eye.

Lino’s been great and at the pharmacy today he said, “If you are still here on Sunday, I will take you to my family’s cabin. It’s about 25km from here, so not a long trip.” While I’d like to go, I also want to get on the road again. John has been patient, but I know how I’d feel sitting around on a great cycling day, especially when the forecast for the next two days is rain and more rain. It’s how I am feeling. I want to be on the bike progressing, as good as the raspberries are. A break is expected on Saturday and with any improvement in my situation, I’m hoping we are on the saddles and not the lounge chair.

* – Chicoutimi is a borough in the city of Saguenay, like the Bronx or Manhattan to NYC.


  1. Ron Saluga

    Happy birthday Paul! Hope you’re feeling better. Wishing you a fast recovery and all the best for the rest of your journey.

    • Paul Rito

      Thanks, Ron. Going OK so far.

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