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Day 82 – Single Tracking

Thursday October 27 2022. This morning, Paul took me to Boston Hill, a hiking/mountain bike trail park just a couple of blocks from their house. I rode Sue’s mountain bike as she’s currently off any bike healing a broken wrist. It was my first time on a full suspension MTB. Aside from a minor encounter with a pine tree that grabbed my handlebar and pitched me to the ground, and a bit of walking up because my lack of experience climbing step features hindered forward progress, I had a freaking blast. It’s not an easy endeavor and I was pretty tired after just 9 miles, but it was a good tired. I’ve avoided getting into the MTB world since an early crash and watching some friends get injured more than I wanted to deal with. Damn it was fun and now I get the attraction. Hmmm.

When we got back, we went to lunch at La Cocina, a favorite Mexican restaurant of Pauls’ and Sue’s. Paul and I had tried to go a couple of times, but it was closed. Sue must’ve been the secret key because it was open now and I had Combination #1 – delicious. Back at the house, Paul had an appointment and I went out to the terrace for some more therapy. Ben kept me company and wanted to play fetch in between swings (and during them, too). That dog is fast, and persistent! Still managed to get a good 5-6′ broken up. A quiet evening followed as did an early bedtime since tomorrow I’m packing up to head out. More on that tomorrow.


  1. Hendrika Spykerman

    Hi Paul just a word of caution as the “mom”. remember 70 is closer for us than 20 so maybe leave the Mountain Biking for the younger generation?? just saying.
    As always great to read your blog.
    Safe travels

    • Paul Rito

      Oh, I know! But, I also rode the trails with more caution than I would have done at 20. The thrills can be appreciated at slower speeds, too! 😉

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