I got up, had some coffee, and packed my bags once again. Paul and Sue had graciously offered to drive me to Las Cruces rather than the original plan of Deming which saved me a 50+ mile ride along interstate 10 and frontage roads. It also meant that we didn’t have to leave in the early morning.

Paul was under orders not to swing sledgehammers for a couple of days after his flu shot. He redirected his energy to finishing a stand for his chop saw which was made out of salvaged microwave bases and wood salvaged from a house a friend of his is tearing down. I made another trip downtown to explore some more. Sue was having a meeting with the organizer of a local bike race.

Downtown Silver City once had a main street. Until 1895 and 1903 floods turned main street into “The Big Ditch.” Some buildings that remained now use their back doors as the front doors to the new “main” street, North Bullard St. I walked down to the main street river and along the paths of what is now a park. After some more town exploring, I headed back up the hill to Paul’s & Sue’s.

On the way to Las Cruces we drove through the City of Rocks State Park. Really cool campsites set in between some wondrous rock formations. In Las Cruces, we went to the ¬°Andele! Restaurante for lunch. Another delicious meal. Paul and Sue then drove me to my motel and we said our goodbyes and my many thanks for a wonderful week, made moreso by the spontaneity and good luck to have been able to get there at all.

I had a quiet night in the motel minus a quick trip to a grocery store to get provisions for my ride to El Paso and the overnight train ride to San Antonio.