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Day 81 – Busting Stuff

Wednesday October 26. Busting stuff in a good way. After a chill morning of coffee and breakfast, Paul & I headed back out to the terrace to break up some more concrete. It was a chore, but I was enjoying both swinging the sledge and hoisting the broken pieces up to the pile above us. I said to Paul, “This feels so good. To be doing something so physical that isn’t riding a bike. It’s actually refreshing.” Whacking rocks until they break is also very cathartic. Gets a lot of pent up whatever out, even if I didn’t have anything pent up after almost 3 months of being on the road having an amazing tour. Also, I was glad to help and feel that I was doing something that was useful and productive.

We worked for a couple of hours and made some good progress. Sue offered lunch, but I wanted to head down to the town to spend some more time there. They have a folding e-bike they have for guests and for themselves after a long day’s ride. They live at the top of a big hill with a couple of steep upgrades and popping into town is easy, but getting back takes a little effort.

In town, I grabbed a piece of pizza from Forrest’s on Sue’s recommendation, and walked and cycled and stopped in a number of shops around town for a couple of hours. Silver City has a very active downtown and there were lots of people on the streets with me and in the shops.

Back at the house, Sue had made a vegetable ragout and we had that with her homemade bread for dinner. I have to say again that it is such a treat to be here. Both Paul and I were kind of bushed from all the concrete busting and we all went to bed a little early. Ahhhhh.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned Ben. Ben is a rescue dog that Sue and Paul found in November when they first moved here 3 years ago. They were on a walk and found the puppy Ben, probably about 8 weeks old and emaciated and cold. When they took him to the vet, the vet said another couple brought a puppy in that looked just like Ben. There was a litter of puppies left at the SPCA and apparently some escaped into the cold November air. Ben is part, Border Collie, Great Pyrenees, Catahoula Leopard Dog, and Pit Bull among others. Paul says that once they learned what his mix was, all his behaviors made sense. Anyway, he’s a great dog, very playful, very strong, very well trained and we’ve been having a fun time playing fetch and dog soccer (I only got it past him once.)

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