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Day 8 – Louisville

The further I go the behinder I get. Again just a quick note to update. We did 66 miles from Lexington to just outside of Louisville. We’re staying with a Warm Showers host, Jannette, who has been so gracious and welcoming. She fed us spaghetti dinners and we’re sitting out having some bourbon and beers right now.

A little bit of rain today, but nothing much to speak of. It was nice not having the burning sun on us all day. The ride from Louisville was pretty sweet actually, a lot on highways but a lot of nice back roads too.

I still need to write the entry for yesterday in Lexington where we did visit the West 6th Brewery and went downtown in the evening. I also got my wheel looked at at pedal power bike shop – hopefully more on that all later, if the bourbon lets me remember. All in all it’s been a really good trip, and while Dana and I are both rather sore and tired, we are having a wonderful time.


  1. James Walker

    Hey Paul, HeyDana!! I had to check out your blog and catch up with you. Good to see you smiling and still having fun. I hate to see that you had a close call, those are no fun on two wheels, trust me I know. Looks like you guys are averaging around 70 miles a day, wow, I know you two have to be tired, but I know you are enjoying it as well. Stay safe and I will keep in touch.

    • parkrat

      Hi James,
      We are having a blast. It’s tough at times, but so far nothing we can’t handle. I only had to walk once. Thanks for checking in.

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