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Day 4, Addendum

Forgot to note our mileage today: 68.5. 

Our motel is just up the road from the Bob Evan’s farm and museum where we walked around the grounds and learned about Sorghum, Adamsville and the man himself. We also found the origin of the name Rio Grande, which we learned is pronounced “Rye’-O-Grande”. Not only do we get exercise, we get edjumacated, too!¬†

The weather looks dry and cooler tomorrow, so we’re going for 70 or more miles. 


  1. Hugh Mose

    Hi, Paul and Dana!

    Just got caught up on your blog. It sounds like you’re having a great time so far, the hot temperatures, steep hills, bumpy trails, flat tires, front-wheel shimmy, and changeable weather notwithstanding. Love the Holy Moses bike shop – but sorry it turned out to be a bust. Enjoy your time in Ohio – Kentucky is just over the horizon!


  2. Ron Saluga

    Greetings Paul and Dana,
    Glad the skies are clearing and you are back on smooth roads. Hopefully you will have a stretch of flat land. Thanks for keeping us updated. Safe travels.


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