So, the all-day rains never materialized, but it was cloudy and much cooler at the start today. I was glad we didn’t have to spend a day not riding. On the way out of Parkersburg, we ran into James, who had come to get his windshield replaced. Kind of freaking amazing, but we stopped at a McDonald’s parking lot and had a little reconnoiter with him, and marveled at the randomness of the universe.

Cooler temps today were a welcome break. As were paved roads the whole way and no bumpy rail trails. Rain was supposed to start at 1:00 p.m. Again the Armageddon that was promised never materialized. We rode to Pomeroy Ohio, and stopped to check the radar again and then kept going on somewhat along my original route to Rio Grande! Yes we are at the Mexican border isn’t that an amazing piece of riding? Really, we are in Rio Grande, but it’s in Ohio. Dana found a little bar-restaurant called Drinx, and we are having our repast and couple of beers. We’re staying in a little mom and pop hotel called The College Hill Motel, because we are still expecting torrential rains this evening, and we ain’t as tough as we used to be. Or, maybe it’s just they were more well off than we were. Regardless, we will be dry tonight.

The pictures from today show the torential weather we were supposed to have, a turtle I rescued from imminent death, and a “road closed” detour we bushwacked through.