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Day 5 – Bye Buckeyes, Bonjour Bourbon

71.7 miles today through beautiful and mostly flat Southern Ohio, the weather was pleasant, winds low, and we made it to Kentucky!

What we miss about Ohio is the great road network, with wide shoulders everywhere, that don’t switch back to one foot to 2 ft to 5 ft; they’re all 5 ft and stay that way on the major roads.

Not so much in Kentucky. There were a lot of places where the road just dropped off right at the white line and down 5 to 10 ft embankments with no guard rails. Excuse me, “guide rails” in lawyer parlance. Must not be many lawyers in Kentucky, cause I saw potential lawsuits aplenty.

Tonight we are in the metropolis of Vanceburg, Kentucky, pop. 1020. We’re camping in the veterans park right next to the Ohio River. On the way into town we saw two local sheriff’s deputies and checked it out with them. Yeah no problem. And there is absolutely no where else to stay in this town anyway.

We went to a little local pub, which was, how can I say it, less than charming. Not only was smoking allowed, I saw the bartender fishing a strand of her hair out of a bucket of ice. We skipped that part and had bottled beer. We cobbled together a pasta and salad dinner by visiting a few places, Dana scored some wine, and we had dinner in the gazebo looking out at the Ohio River.

We’re thinking about visiting Bardstown distillery, but may just go into downtown Lexington. We heard there’s a great brewstillery there.

Paul & Dana


  1. Mary Bruce Serene

    I am so impressed by the stamina and energy you and Dana obviously possess. Keep on having a great trip. I am going to love checking in to see how it is going!

  2. Paul Rito

    One thing left out here is that we first set up our tent on the bluff overlooking the Ohio river. We had just gotten to bed when we heard thunder. I checked the radar and sure enough, we were going to get another torrential downpour in about 10 minutes. We picked up the tent and moved to the gazebo and spent the night dry and warm and safe from the storm.

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