We are holed up in Parkersburg West Virginia, because we dodged a bullet of, as the weather channel called it, “a torrential downpour”, by about 2 min. Wed looks like a total washout. We are currently at the Sixpence Bar & Grill. 

Lest you think that we only ride and drink, I actually said to Dana as we were fixing one of the three flats we had today on the North Bend Trail, “Gee, we should take some pictures of this beautiful trail.” One picture you’ll have to only imagine, is a long line of rail trail with trees covering it in a canopy that looked like a tunnel that we were going through. We kept asking ourselves, “Is that a tunnel”? It wasn’t but it sure looked like one. 

Our original goal today was Athens, OH, but the rain changed the plan. Along with the “trail’s” jarring surface, and subsequent flats. Maybe good for mountain bikes, questionable for gravel, but road, hybrid, young kids, and loaded touring bikes are not suggested. 

More later. We’re heading out to eat.