12 pm: We were up at 5 this morning and on the road around 5:30 to try to get as much distance in before the rain started. We still got wet, but the riding has been mostly flat and very rural until we got closer to Montreal. Lots of bike lanes and paths and we are in old Montreal camped at eggspectation having a needed brunch (and dry off) as we had a minimal breakfast of bananas and bars.

No pics yet today, but should have something up later. Going to tour around Old Montreal until our warm showers people are available at 4:00 p.m.

9:35 pm: Another warm welcome from our hosts Luc and Katerine. We were their first warm showers guest after they have been posting for 5 years or so. They are a bit off the route, but it was definitely worth a few extra miles. Luc offered us beers which we gladly accepted and quaffed, and we took showers and did laundry. Seemingly mundane things, but so appreciated when you’ve had a day that was both hot and wet.

We chatted about touring and jobs and grandkids (they are expecting their first, due on Dec 9, my son Aaron’s b-day). After a wonderful meal of homemade pizza and salad (FRESH salad!), we spent the night reviewing routes and warmshower options. We can get to Quebec in two days of 90ish miles, or 3 days of 55,56, and 80ish miles. Weather is a complicating factor, too, as it’s supposed to rain all day Monday. Heading to bed now for another early morning! Our day may be at the whim of which warmshowers hosts are available!