In the morning, after breakfast and coffee, I cleaned the sand from my shoes and off of the bike, did a quick lube job, put them in the sun to dry, and packed up to head out. I did find that a bracket on my front pannier rack was broken clear through, most likely on the same rough path where my phone holder broke. Not an immediate problem as I didn’t have the front bags on, but something I need to address in the next couple of days. I said my goodbyes and thanks to Mary Jane and Sharon and was back on the road.

I had a text from John that he and his friend Reed would like to meet me for a beer on Sunday on my way back to the South Bay. I sent him my route and Reed suggested the Market Tavern in La Brea where John, Reed and Reed’s roommate Hugh met me.

My first words to John were, “I’m not saying good-bye to you again!” He laughed his infectious laugh and we all had lunch and a beer. I said “Au Revoir” and parted ways again until the next time. I continued on my way to Leslie’s and Greg’s along the LA river and the shore bike paths. Stopped to watch some beach volleyball including 4 guys who were playing “No Hands.” Only head bumps and kicks. Quite impressive athleticism.

After arriving at Leslie’s and Greg’s, I started packing for the move back to John W’s on Monday. We had happy hour and another delicious dinner and Greg and I watched Sunday night football. It was a bit strange watching SNF that was over before the East Coast start time. It was great to see Leslie and Greg again and I marveled at how in such a small period of time 17 years ago we forged a bond that felt life-long. I’m gonna miss them and hope it won’t be another 17 years before we see each other again — maybe on a tour with Dana! (Leslie & Greg? Hint, Hint!)