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Day 70 – Hollywood!

But first, one more item from day 69: I did ride UP to the USPS. Very up Crenshaw Ave which was quite a climb (and as Greg & Leslie told me later, not a recommended bike route!). After finishing that chore, I was looking for a short hike where I might catch that fleeting glimpse of Catalina. I saw something on the map called The Harman Overlook so I continued riding up Crenshaw to the trailhead. 1,200′ in all over 12 miles. Great little hike that itself was up and down. Great views, too, but alas, couldn’t see Catalina.

OK. Back to Hollywood. Well, North Hollywood which is more residential than glam, but with a good dose of charming domiciles. My goal for the day was to get to my friend Sharon’s who is at her mom’s house and her live-in caregiver. Sharon lived in State College with her three children in the late 90s and early aughts. We both were WPSU folk show DJs, involved in the folk music scene in SC, and hung around together at some folk festivals during those years.

I left Leslie’s and Greg’s around 7:30 am in a heavy mist and on wet roadways. Eeyore lives! The trip was around 32 miles and relatively flat until I hit the hills north of CA 101. The fog lasted during the first 15 miles and I was pretty damp, but then the fog lifted and by the time I got to mile 25, both the bike and I were dry. Then the skies opened. Remember that old song, “It never rains in Southern California…”? Well, Eeyore says it pours. It was a steady rain that in the last 8 or so miles got me completely wet. Fortunately, the waterproof pannier I had did its job and my “civi” clothes were dry. And, they really need the rain here. I got to Sharon’s and did a quick clean up, dry off, and put on dry clothes.

I met her charming mother, Mary Jane, and told her about my cycle touring and how I got there . I had talked with Sharon earlier and we agreed that her mom’s comfort and stability were the most important thing and that would drive the day. I had come prepared to head back to the south bay or stay overnight if everything seemed OK to Sharon & Mary Jane. It was OK and I settled in to the spare bedroom after a nice hot cup of coffee.

Sharon and I headed out for brunch and caught up more. She asked if there was anything in particular that I wanted do and I mentioned the Getty. It was a only 12 miles away (by car!) and after a check in with Mary Jane, off we went. The Getty is a fortress-like, 110 sprawling acres of an art museum complex. Since we were very spur of the moment and didn’t know to or have tickets, we along with two other folks were called aside where they explained the ticketing policy, but let us in anyway. I’m sure they account for strays like us in their planning. Anyway, we were in!

Next was even trying to choose what to see as we only had a couple of hours. I saw that the current exhibition was 1500-1800 paintings, and it was in the closest buildings, so off we went. On the way, there are stunning views of LA — at least as stunning as Eeyore’s overcast skies would allow. We took in three of the four galleries in those two buildings and then headed back to Mary Jane.

Back at the house, Sharon made dinner and after the repast, we played poker with Mary Jane protesting that she didn’t know how to play, but she won the most hands! Ringer! Soon, the guitars came out and Sharon and I traded songs. It was good that I had some practice back on the boat with Luke. I had remembered that Sharon has a beautiful voice, and I quickly found out it’s origin. Mary Jane, at 92, belted out “Till There Was You” in a very strong and clear soprano. It was a lovely evening.


  1. Catherine Grigor

    Hi Paul
    It looks like you are in heaven. What a wonderful bunch of experiences and people. I’m so glad you’re able to do this journey. We all miss you back here and look forward to your return and your many stories.

    Your posts and photos are awesome.

  2. Sarah Rito

    That’s a good couple of days : )

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