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Day 62 – If heaven had a campground

After reconnecting with Harald, Luke, and John at Morro Bay, the next stop was Laura Dody’s Farm Campground. Laura was gone on a trip, but her husband Ben was welcoming and warm and I can’t begin to describe the place. Hopefully the pictures will convey the downhome artistic quirkiness of the farm. Laura and Ben had a few touring cyclists stop and ask for lodging, and one of them had the Adventure Cycling map. Laura asked what it was and then inquired about being on the map. Good thing for us she did.

It was a wonderful space. The four of us shared it with Elise and Simon (from the end of yesterday’s blog). There were showers, towels, bathrooms, charging outlets, pears, apples, coffee, fresh eggs, stoves, refrigerators, campfire pits (with wood!) and plenty of ground space for our tents. It was a hiker-biker dream come true. The only thing missing was a beach, but who cared? For $10 each we also had a Hobbit Door!

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  1. Sarah Rito

    This place looks fantastic!! I want a hobbit door even more now.

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