Today was spent gathering food for the Amtrak trip, tooling around the neighborhood, trying to find a Warm Showers host in Portland — no success yet — and planning routes to the coast from Portland and looking for lodging there. The weekend is going to be a crap shoot and probably bootleg camping time as the State Parks are full until Sunday. After that the spaces open up.

I did go into downtown Sacramento in the afternoon and walked/cycled around the state capitol building, adjoining neighborhoods, and the waterfront on the Sacramento river. Back at Bob’s the laundry is going and I’ll be packing up again and head into the city again around 9 or 10 pm after taking Bob to dinner — California Sushi! Pretty easy 5 miles to Amtrak and will probably hit a bar for a night cap before boarding the train.

The train! I lucked out on avoiding the freight strike. Amtrak has already curtailed its routes out of Chicago which includes the California Zephyr which I was on the other day. So far, tonight’s trip is still on.