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Day 26 Breckenridge, Rides, and Red Rocks

Ahhh. Mountain air and cool temps. I had a lazy morning hanging around the motel and just relaxing. Had a short day planned with a round trip to Breckenridge and then meeting Aaron to head to Red Rocks.

I headed out about 11 and Aaron called and told me there was a Pearl Izumi (cycling clothing) outlet in Dillon. Oooooo. I have some older shorts with me and they’ve seen better days. I ended up with a mountain bike short that has pockets, a little longer leg, and built-in chamois. A better choice for urban riding than ruining my civi shorts, and/or putting on full cycling gear. In other words, I can look almost normal and still have the riding comfort of a chamois pad.

The ride to Breckenridge was completely on paved trails. Summit County CO has an amazing network of cycling paths (such as the Vail Pass Trail I was on yesterday) and are working on more, including a link to Leadville. What Aaron also told me on his call was that he was bringing his bike to ride around Breckenridge with me. It would be his first time on the bike since last year as he broke his collarbone on New Year’s Eve while snowboarding.

I wasn’t in Breck too long when Aaron showed up. He got his bike out and we headed out on the trails. We rode about 10 miles round trip to Dillon Lake and this time I had a guide for what I was actually looking at. The Breckenridge ski area is huge, with the highest chairlift in North America at almost 13K feet and you can see it gleaming in the sun. We rode back to Breck, had a burger, and headed to Red Rocks Amphitheater for the non-riding highlight of my trip so far.

Firstly, the venue itself is a wonder of nature and human ingenuity in adapting it to a performing venue. The 302 step climb to our seating area afforded amazing views itself (and one or two high-altitude rest stops on the way). From our seats, you can see the vastness of Denver just over the stage. Simply amazing. As were Alison Krauss and Robert Plant and their band. This is their “Raise the Roof” tour and they sure did. Their second collaboration and 14 years since the first. Amazing venue, amazing band, and I got to share it with my amazing son. Thanks, Aaron!

Friday, I’m off to Boulder to visit with Chuck and Susie Anderson. Chuck was my inspiration for becoming an League Cycling Instructor, and both Susie and Chuck were active in the Acoustic Brew and the folk music scene in State College, and both Susie and I were WPSU Folk Show DJs.


  1. Hugh Mose

    Hi, Paul! I finally got caught up on all your posts. Wow – are you having one amazing trip! Keep posting, and keep sharing your photos. Between the hills of Kentucky, the flatlands of Nebraska and the mountains of Colorado, isn’t this a fabulous country?

    • parkrat

      Thanks, Hugh. Yes, it is. (‘cept nothing has really been all that flat!)

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