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Day 25 – Spectacularness

Dillon to Vail Pass today, and the views were spectacular. As I look at the photos, I realize that most of them don’t really capture what was also an emotional experience. It’s really hard to convey in 2D what is going on all around you, or experience the vastness of a steep, rocky, tree covered escarpment. So, I can only hope to trigger some memories if you’ve seen some of this area, and encourage you to come see for yourself if you haven’t.

I had to remind myself to ease up on myself when myself was berating my lagging performance on the littlest climbs with only the bike and no panniers. I’m at 9,600+’ and have only been at this altitude one day, and above 5,000′ for only 4. Duly noted, self. You made it over Loveland, and up to Vail Pass today at 10,000′. Chill.

I do love the scenery, but also realize that I’m not a resort area aficionado. I was happy riding, getting some rest, having a meal and a beer in the room, and catching up on some emails.

I’m going to venture south tomorrow for a short round trip to Breckenridge, and then Aaron will be picking me up tomorrow afternoon and taking me to Red Rocks to see Alison Kraus and Robert Plant. Really excited to see that show and experience Red Rocks for myself.


  1. Sarah Rito

    When I went with the kids a few years ago they kept making fun of me because pretty much every time we went outside I would say “look at the mountains!”
    It’s so astoundingly beautiful!

  2. Ron Saluga

    Wow, what an exciting time you are having! That is beautiful country. I’ve skied in that area and love the natural beauty of winter. You’re getting me motivated to do some Rocky Mountain summer cycling next year . Stay safe and rock on! 🍻😎

    • parkrat

      Do it! Great cycling paths even without climbing the high passes.

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