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Day 10 – Beautiful Rollers

Today’s mileage: 56.4. Total miles: 613.7

We started the day from the campground in English, IN facing the same steep hills we did getting into the camp yesterday. After 20 miles of steep up and downs, we finally got into the plains and nice, flat, rolling hills. And they were actually more flat than rolling. And very straight, straight roads where you could see miles ahead.

Right now we’re sitting looking at the red sky at night (sailors’ and cyclists’ delight), at a campground overlooking Prides Creek lake in Petersburg Indiana. 10 bucks for a campsite with showers. It was two miles into town where we picked up shrimp lo mein at a local Chinese restaurant, and and ice from a Sunoco mini stop, and had dinner and wine.

Except for a little rain on the way back from the Chinese restaurant today was beautiful. We’re looking forward to a restful evening and a moderately easy day tomorrow, even though we’ll still be doing close to 70 miles. Flat is good.

Today we passed the Marengo Caves national historic site, Ireland, a small town in mid-south Central Indiana, and we ended up here near Petersburg. The sky right now is a light shade of blue the dark red rim outlining the darken shadows of the trees reflected in the water. A good time to go bed and get a good night’s sleep.


  1. Tinamarie

    Hiya Paul and Dana! I’m just catching up…and loving the stories and photos! We miss you back here, but keep on keepin’ on! xoxo

  2. Sarah Rito

    French Lick?!

    • parkrat

      Yes, and afterwards, Tell City! Those Indianans!

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