48.7 miles, 1457 ft of climbing.

Finally! A tailwind! Made the day much easier. So much so that I added about 15 miles going to an alternate host in Syracuse that John recommended, and to a bike shop to get a rear view mirror replacement that I’ve been missing since before I left in July.

Nothing stellar view wise today, so a dearth of pics. I did go through Little Italy in Syracuse, but didn’t recognize it as such until I was at hosts Charlie’s & Barb’s and looked at a map. There was a Biscotti place (that I’m going to check out tomorrow on the way out of town), but other than that, the Italians weren’t a big presence.

I did stop a few times to correspond with my doc in State College about extending my Valtrex prescription. They sent a script to a local CVS and Charlie was kind enough to drive me there this evening so I could get back on it asap. I only missed a dose, but as the doc concurred, this close to the eye requires another week. Especially since I still have some redness and headache symptoms. Much abated, but still there.

Tomorrow, I don’t have a WS host lined up, but there are some in the wings. I made a motel reservation just in case none of those come through. It’s supposed to be a nasty afternoon with high winds and lightning storms, and a tornado watch, so I want to be inside before 2ish. I am looking forward to riding on the Erie Canal trail to the West which will position me to head to Ithaca on Sunday. Plan is Elmira on Monday, Wellsboro on Tuesday, and maybe home on Wednesday, but definitely by Thursday (as always, weather permitting).