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GP Day 24 — Métabetchouan & Piekuakamu

Saguenay to Métabetchouan, 52.2 miles, 2265 ft. of climbing.

We slept in today. It was glorious. Well rested and ready to go at 9 am. We rode out of Saquenay on a bike path that provided a wonderful look back at the city and the river. We are on La Route Verte 8 now and have been since Wednesday.

It was a dry but gray day, much cooler than the past three weeks. The wind is coming out of the northwest now and it brought along the drop in temps. Unrelated to the temps, my thighs were telling me in no uncertain terms that they were tired from yesterday, and every time we stopped and started up again they screamed at me. I shut my ears and carried on!

The day brightened up a bit as we got closer to our destination of Métabetchouan and our Warm Showers host Patrick. We also got our first glimpse of Lac (Lake) Ste. Jean. Its indigenous name is Piekuakamu, and it is our goal to circumnavigate it before heading back to Quebec/Montreal. Tomorrow we go 60 miles to Albanel to another Warm Showers host.

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  1. Sarah Rito

    Wow— beautiful spot to rest for an evening!

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