Maria, QC to Campbellton, New Brunswick, 53 miles, 2,176 ft of climbing. 7 miles shy of 1,000 for me on this trip. John probably has 3,500 since starting in April.

After some whopper lightning storms last night, the skies cleared this morning and it was another great riding day; but not a lot of pics. Sort of like the Oregon coastline overload I went through last year. Lots of little coves with picturesque little towns are 5 miles apart and if you want some examples, look back in the blog. There will likely be more when we cross the St. Lawrence on Wednesday.

When we crossed the bridge to Campbellton, we moved into the Atlantic time zone and lost an hour. It won’t be lost for long. When we get back to Quebec tomorrow, we’ll get it back. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but when we crossed the Interprovince Bridge and got into Campbellton, things were different. New Brunswick is the only officially bi-lingual Province in Canada. Most of the signs are in French and English, but not all. It seemed busier and not as clean, but that was only in the “downtown.” Once we got to our warm showers hosts in the neighborhoods, everything was nice and neat again. Still, it’s different.

Our hosts tonight are Kristin and Alex. They have two boys, 8 & 10, who are with their grandparents tonight. They went out to eat and catch a movie while we showered and got settled. So, we were much on our own for the evening and I took a walk around the neighborhood, came back and posted this entry. We did get some good info on the two possible routes we have leaving here tomorrow, and we’ll probably take the one that’s a couple miles shorter and more scenic. We also learned that the bay here was the scene of the last British-French naval battle of the French & Indian War. Hmmm. I’ll have to look that up! G’nite!