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Days 78 & 79

Sunday October 23. In the morning, Paul and I kept on with the catching up and in the early afternoon rode to the Tranquilbuzz Coffee Shop to listen to folksinger Wally Lawder. Over coffee and a scone, I was listening as a backdrop to the visuals of the place. Very funky decor and layout & good coffee.

Paul was in and out that afternoon working on his terrace. I did laundry and rested, but the lure of the terrace destruction was too much and I went out to help Paul with some lift and toting. ‘cept we’re talking cinder blocks here and I had sandals on, and the rest of my clothing is not exactly work ready. After dodging a falling rock, we decided it was better if I found another way to help. I would get some jeans, and boots if possible, at one of the many thrift stores in the downtown area on Monday.

That evening, we headed out to eat and got green chili burgers at High Desert Pies. A little more talking, then Paul practicing his guitar (he’s light-years ahead of me), then a good night’s sleep.

Monday October 24. This morning was a time for chores I headed out on the bike to the thrift stores and found a pair of jeans and a long sleeve work shirt for $5. No boots. The other thrift store were closed. I headed out to the box store area of town and between Harbor Freight and the dollar store, I got some things I needed for the rest of my trip and rubber gloves to make a makeshift dirt cover for my cycling shoes.

Back at the house I cobbled together my shoe covers, donned my new work clothes and headed out to help Paul tear down one of the walls. One of the pics shows the current state of the terraces. Very perplexing construction “techniques” that confounded both Pauls. After the demolition, we started salvaging useable blocks and tossing the rest into a fill pile. I chipped a lot of mortar off a lot of blocks, and we saved quite a few for use in the rebuilding.

By the way, the shoe covers lasted about 30 seconds. Oh well, it was a valiant effort.

That evening, we had turkey chili that Paul had made that morning along with some of Sue’s homemade bread. Another day in the books and another good sleep ahead.


  1. Sarah Rito

    That’s my Dad! Just can’t stay away from a good project : )

    • Paul Rito


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