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Day 90 – Nothing to see here

Friday November 4, 2022 San Antonio->New Orleans. Chili was so kind as to drive me to Amtrak which saved me from getting up at 3 and on the road by 3:30 to ride the 20+ plus miles to the station for the 5:40 closing of baggage check and a 6:25 departure. Such a nice person and such a nice couple!

The 15 hour trip to NOLA was uneventful and that’s about the best you can expect. Amtrak train status updates varied from being an hour and a half early to an hour early to half an hour early, but the reality was we got in about 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

I was on my way to Karen’s and M.A.’s house by 9:45 and got there by 10:15, following the great directions they had texted to me. I met Karen and M.A. through Dana’s longtime best friend Sally. Karen is her late partner Mark’s sister, and she and M.A. were so gracious to provide me with a place to stay just a few miles from the heart of the Big Easy. We stayed up chatting until it was bedtime because Saturday was a working day for Karen who is a Park Ranger at the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park.


  1. Sarah Rito

    Um…a park ranger at the New Orleans Jazz Historical Park?!
    Please tell me you’ll be posting about going there tomorrow.
    Having fun picking out the spots I need to visit from your itinerary : )

    • Paul Rito

      and more… 😉

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