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Day 73 – MacGyvering

October 18. Tuesday’s main focus was to get my broken rack secured somehow. Two trips the the local Ace Hardware got me a solution of Aluminum spacer inserted into the tube and glued with epoxy, with a screw clamp on the outside for good measure. The natural tension in the steel should serve to keep things in place and the clamp should hold off major shocks. Will see how well that works tomorrow.

More planning and messaging after the rack fix, so we deferred a ride until the afternoon. John had two more warm showers guests coming to stay that evening and we rode out along the coast to hopefully intercept them. We got to Marina Del Ray and it was only a couple of minutes before Jacob and Niele came riding up the path. We rode back to John’s house together and they set up camp for the night. Lots of swapping of touring stories over dinner and I settled in for a good sleep before leaving on Wednesday for Tucson. By train. No deep desire to cross the desert in any season.

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  1. Hendrika Spykerman

    hi Paul. Fingers crossed that your rack fix will hold. One thing I learned on this trip that no matter what bike, as in brand new top of the line or an old bike, things on the bikes break. Thank goodness our bodies keep up (for most part). Sounds like you had a great time resting, sightseeing and catching up with friends. You need that in order to stay healthy, mentally and physically.
    Safe travels

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