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Day 57 – Hellos and Goodbyes

October 2, 2022 – This morning Aaron and I hit up the Trader Joe’s around the corner. What was most amazing is that the prices were similar to the TJ’s in State College. That’s a big deal where every other grocery in this area is selling stuff for twice or more than the prices I’m used to (and that’s accounting for the recent increases).

I had a good breakfast and then headed off with the e-bike to meet the rest of my “group” heading in towards the bridge. They were a bit delayed so I rode to Sausalito just as Aaron did and had a cup of coffee while waiting. Since John and Luke had shared their locations with me, I knew when they were coming around the corner and snapped actions shots as they rode by.

We climbed the hill to the east side of the Golden Gate where there is a viewing platform. We took lots of pictures and said goodbye to Hendrika who was going to meet her daughter on the other side of the bridge. Harald wanted to climb up to the higher vantage point on the west side so John, Luke, and I joined him. I sure was glad to have the e-bike. I get it. It does make things easier, but I’m not ready to abandon my ol’ leg powered touring bike yet. Someday maybe. Not yet.

At the top, we snapped even more pics and I procrastinated in saying goodbye to these great young men who I shared the last 14 days with. I left with a “We will see each other again!” “Yes, we will.”

Back in San Fran, I met Aaron for lunch and then he went to a pinball gallery and I came back to the apartment for some more R&R and catching up. I’m still trying to figure out my path to the south and how much I want to ride per day and where I’ll be staying. Later in the day we took the bikes out (me on Papa Hobo!) and rode to Heron’s Head park where there was a punk band playing a concert at the local plant nursery. I popped my head in, but that’s all. This was a side of SF that neither one of us had seen before and doubt many tourists go to. Still interesting and with good views of the bay and all the loaded container ships at anchor.


  1. Hendrika Spykerman

    Hi Paul. Just read your blog posting of yesterday. Wonderful pictures capturing our day. Love the pictures.
    I hope you are resting your body. I am not sure what happened to mine. Just feeling very tired. Trying to get my bike fixed so staying put for a bit. Miss our group

    • Paul

      Hi Hendrika,
      I was tired, too, and we deserve to be! We did the same thing that these guys 40 years younger than us did! Revel in your soreness because you did something not many of our peers can do. Heck, I bet many of their peers couldn’t either. I missed the group, too, so read the latest posts for what’s happening with that! Have a good trip home. We *will* see each other again. We’re only 5 hours apart by car, and 5 days by bicycle!

      • Hendrika Spykerman

        5 days by bicycle. You have planted a bug and you know what that means….
        Proud of our accomplishments. Still processing it all.

  2. Sarah Rito

    I love that you all connected and formed such a bond on this stretch of your journey! Here’s to a tour together again another time : )

    • Paul


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