Most of Monday was spent dealing with my tire issues, Barclays (still), and cleaning and readying the bike for trip up to the Dillon-Frisco area which will take me over a 11,000 ft peak. My previous I was 9,800 so this should be interesting. I’m going to spend two days in Dillon and and head towards Vail and/or Breckenridge. Aaron promises the views are spectacular.

I’ve ordered new tires, but they won’t be here in time for this part of the trip. I did buy a inner tube with sealant in it and hopefully that will get me over the pass. I also rotated the tires so the fresher front one is now on the back. Going to be a much lighter load since I don’t have to take camping equipment.

We did go to what amounts to an indoor food truck court. I had Ethiopian, Aaron had Venezuelan. We followed that up with a visit to an ice cream store and I had a bananas foster. Yum.