Had a great night’s sleep and a good breakfast with Mark, and he escorted me out of town. Good to have a local perspective on the routes that the mapping tools pick. We didn’t go that way.

Mark is also an LCI as I am. LCI being League Cycling Instructor, sanctioned by the League of American Cyclists. In his retirement, he’s been going to elementary schools in the Kansas City area and teaching cycling skills and traffic law. So we had a lot to talk about, including the progression of the great infrastructure in KC.

Today was relatively easy. I’ll end up with about 65 miles, but I made it to Kansas and that mileage includes touring around Atchison, Kansas, birthplace of Amelia Earhart. I visited the homestead and there are some pics below, but the museum was closed by the time I got there. Also stopped at the Santa Fe rail terminal which is now a museum.

I have some options for tomorrow, and I may join my three day trip into two. The 67 today was easy, and there is a dearth of lodging and camping on my route. Stay tuned. Here are today’s pics.