August 7, 2022 on

Day 1 Complete

We made it to Bridgeport WV, a bit of a shift from the original route. 48.4 miles. A ridiculously hard 1480 ft of climbing since Âľ of the mileage was on flat trails.The other quarter? Sheesh! Hot, too. BUT, this is what we love.  Popped a beer into ice at the hotel (yes, ice in beer which is already 95% water. You get used to it. It’s cold!). Had dinner at Outback as it saved a 8 mile ride to get anything else, and they had head-sized mugs! Had a great chat with the bartender, Aiana. Grew up in Germany, going to college and on to the air force. Very grounded and sharp 21 yr old. 

We are back at the hotel and crashing. Tomorrow’s ride plan will have to wait until morning.

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  1. Tinamarie

    Hot as heck, to be sure!! Glad you found some refreshments 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on!

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